Men's Roster

Joshua Howard

CEO / Director / Head of the Men's Roster

Fleetwood, England

Men's Roster

The Big Cheese

it aint easy being cheesy!

Men's Roster

Steve Savage

This hard bastard hails from Limerick City Ireland, where he trains day in day out to be the fastest, strongest, most athletic wrestler to offer!... Over the past few years Steve had been stomping up and down the the green Isle of Ireland making a name for himself and most recently has turned his focus on the UK, Where he promising to fight any man, any where, on any given chance

Men's Roster

Postie Malone

He's the Postie with the mostie and he always delivers on time!. With intentions to set the wrestling world on 🔥 . He may be your local friendly neighbourhood Postie but He can get the job done on his rounds, and in the squared circle. This lad can put up a fight with the best of them - and finish anyone with a first class stamp 💪!

Men's Roster

Tom Brice

"THE 2000 MAN" aka Tom Brice has finally arrived in CWE.

Brice is trained under the watchful eye of Liam Slater in Pursuit Pro Wrestling in sheffield. Although a relative novice, he is no stranger to competition as he holds an extensive background in BJJ and has now taken his talents to the squared circle where he aims to become a World Champion.

Men's Roster

The Necessary Evil Palmer

You are about to witness a true, vulgar display of "The Necessary Evil Palmer"

Birmingham, England

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Jenson Ryan

Jenson Ryan brings the gothic highflyer feeling to CWE

Manchester, England

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BA Rose

The Man Hunter BA Rose

Leeds, England

Men's Roster

DD Crooks

From Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Men's Roster

Martin Law

From Blackpool, UK

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Men's Roster

Bill Bain

CWE is proud to announce the acquisition of former ECW star Bill Bain...
Bill is a near 20 year veteran of the professional wrestling business. He has had battles with stars such as The Undertaker, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk any many others!
Bill has been seen on WWE TV over 20 times and has faced some of the top stars in wrestling...

Men's Roster

Eddie Velazquez

The leader of the Motivation Nation himself.
Mr Motivation

Pennsylvania, USA

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Mickey Midas

The high flyer from Owensboro, Kentucky USA

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Maui Mike

aloha from the quarter ton of tropical fun...

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Matt Disaster

Matt Disaster.. This athletic, agile 22 year old has a bright future in pro wrestling.

From Milan, Italy

Men's Roster

Prince Ahmed

all the way from Port Said, Egypt 🇪🇬. ..... Prince Ahmed.. Prince Ahmed knows all about Gold and will be coming for that CWE World Championship soon...

Men's Roster

Bryan Ishizaka

Manila, Philippines

Men's Roster

Rick Salem

The soothsayer from France. 7 times champion in his country. Always with his crystal ball to predict the opponent move.


Men's Roster

Fil Bane

From Sparta, Greece.

"The last Son of Zeus"